Choosing a Hospice

Choosing a hospice is a very important decision. While all hospice providers may have the same basic philosophy of care, each are different in some way. Hospice providers are very willing to answer questions and assist in determining which hospice can best meet the needs of you and your family.

All Floridians have access to hospice. When searching for a provider, it is not important that the hospice administrative office be located near your home, because the hospice staff and volunteers travel to your place of residence. However, you do want to choose a hospice program that serves your county.

Steps to help you choose the right hospice for you:

  1. Find a hospice in your area. Visit our Let Hospice Help where we list all the hospice programs in the state and help you Find-a-Provider to locate a hospice near you.
  2. Call the providers in your area and use the questionnaire sheet as a guide when asking questions.
    • What services does your hospice provide?
    • Do you provide complementary services (i.e. music therapy, massage therapy)? If so, what kind?
    • If your hospice program is chosen, how soon can services start?
    • Will your program cover the cost of my medications (provide a list)?
    • How does your hospice manage pain?
    • Does your hospice provide all levels of care?
    • Is your hospice accredited? If so, by whom?
    • How many times per week will a nurse and other hospice staff visit?
    • Are home health aides readily available from your hospice?
    • How many hours of home health aide support can be expected each week?
    • What does the hospice admission process include?
    • Who handles the paperwork for the insurance billing?
    • How will my family be involved in my care?
    • What facilities does your hospice use for inpatient and respite care?
    • Will volunteers be assigned?
    • How many hours of support from volunteers can be expected each week?
    • If my family, or I, are unhappy with any aspect of your program what is your procedure for addressing dissatisfaction?
    • Who will be my hospice physician and will he/she work with my physician to provide care?
    • Are they hospice and palliative care board certified?
    • If palliative treatments such as radiation, chemotherapy, or blood transfusions are needed for symptom control, does your hospice provide this therapy?
    • What anticipatory grief services are available for families and children?
    • What support does your hospice provide families after a death?
    • Why should I choose your hospice over another?

If you discover that you are not eligible for hospice, consider asking your local hospice these questions:

  • What community resources are available to me?
  • What is an indication I’ll be ready for hospice in the future?

If you have any additional questions regarding how to choose a hospice, call our Hospice Helpline at 800-282-6560 or email us at

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