Affiliate Membership

As an Affiliate Member of FHPCA, you have the power of 67 counties and 42 programs representing thousands of employees working together in the State of Florida. We value our Affiliate Members, and work hard to bring value to you and your company.


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Levels of Affiliate Membership:

Corporate Patron Member

The Corporate-Patron Membership enjoys all the benefits of Associate and Patron Memberships, with some additional perks such as more free advertisement and exposure to our Hospice Provider Members.  If your business anticipates being very active in FHPCA sponsorship and events, Corporate Patron might be the most cost effective and beneficial option for your company.


Patron Membership

The Patron Membership is designed for businesses engaged in the principle activities of hospice on the statewide level. This includes vendors of all types, consultants, agents, pharmaceutical companies and all organizations serving the end of life continuum.

The Patron Member receives an array of benefits that will strengthen the member-to-member relationship with between Patron and hospice executives. The goal is to facilitate good professional relations between those with solutions and those with the need before a business transaction takes place. This is accomplished through three or more Patron Invitational with Hospice CEOs, strategic discussions and planning, and continual opportunities to expand relations.


Associate Membership

Associate members are typically businesses who provide goods or services Florida hospice programs may need.  This membership is one of the most important ways any business can show support of hospice and end of life initiatives. For a nominal investment, it demonstrates a care and passion for those facing life limiting and terminal illness.

FHPCA Committees

At FHPCA, we encourage our Patron and Corporate-Patron Members to participate in committees, where appropriate, to work alongside hospice leaders and to use their talents to further FHPCA’s mission for quality hospice in Florida. For a list of committees, please call our Member Services line at (877) 783-1922.


Join us:

If you are interested in joining FHPCA through the Affiliate Member program, please complete and return this application and we will begin processing your membership. This application can be mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to our office based on your preferred method of payment.


Florida Hospice & Palliative Care Association
Attn: Member Services
2000 Apalachee Pkwy, Suite 200
Tallahassee, FL 32301
Fax: 850.878.5688

If you have any further questions about the Affiliate Membership Program, please contact Holly Sinco, Director of Operations, at (850) 878-2632 or



 Patron Members:

Allcare Medical

Arnall Golden Gregory

Southeast Hospice Equipment Company
The Watershed Group



Associate Members:

Accreditation Commission for Health Care


Acevedo Consulting

Air Ambulance by Air Trek

BlackTree Healthcare Consulting


Community Health Accreditation Partner


Delta Care Rx

Hospi Corporation Mauldin & Jenkins

McKesson Connected Care
and Analytics


Multi-View Incorporated Systems

Oxypros, Inc.

Partner Care Pharmacy Services


Stoneridge Partners

Simione Healthcare Consultants
United Heartland
United Tissue Network

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