Expert Techniques on How to Soothe, Smooth & Improve Difficult People

Date/Time: 05/19/2022, 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Provider: FHPCA

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Does it feel like we are living in a time of amplified emotions?

That people are more challenging than ever before? The pandemic and staffing shortages have added additional stressors within the healthcare industry. Join us to learn specific ways to reduce difficult encounters and increase quality care.

  • Significantly reduce the number of difficult encounters you experience
  • Understand three reasons why people are difficult and what to do for them
  • Resolve conflicts with confidence
  • Demonstrate a compassionate technique for helping people prioritize their concerns


Challenges can arise when people don’t get what they want or expect. Although you can’t avoid every issue, you can learn to recover faster by using the strategies taught during this program. In the midst of a difficult experience, it can be hard to maintain composure. The ability to remain calm increases the ability to communicate effectively and provide high-quality care and service. Using empathy and tact, even under pressure, is important for our physical and emotional health. Learn how to incorporate these expert techniques into your communications skillset so you can focus on what matters most and be less likely to take difficult experiences home.



This informative session is designed for healthcare professionals who want happier patients and fewer difficult encounters. Anyone involved in patient care or customer service will benefit from attending.


  • Learning guide with key program content
  • Self-assessment activity
  • 20 empathetic phrases
  • PDF of slides and speaker’s contact info for follow-up questions
  • Attendance certificate provided, however there are no pre-approved CEs associated with this webinar

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Susan Keane Baker

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