Legislative Advocacy


The Capitol building in downtown Tallahassee Florida.


2018 Advocacy Accomplishments 

  • Successfully Advocated for & Defended Hospice CON
  • Derailed the Constitutional Revision Commission ‘Proposal 54’ which would have Eliminated Hospice CON via Constitutional Amendment
  • Worked With Our Partners Toward Medicaid Managed Care Resolutions


2019 Legislative Priorities 

  • Preserve Hospice CON
  • Pass a Controlled Substances Glitch Bill to Exempt Physicians Serving Hospice & Palliative Care Patients from the Burdens of the PDMP    (Learn more about the Bill HERE)
  • Educate Legislators on, What Is Hospice?
  • Resolve Lingering Payer Dysfunctions by Statewide Medicaid Managed Care Plans and the Resulting Hospice Aging Accounts




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FHPCA Members Meeting With AHCA & Legislative Staff

FHPCA and our members are a unified voice for hospice care in Florida. Above, representatives from 5 hospice programs came to Tallahassee to speak with AHCA & Legislative Staff about Medicaid Managed Care.