Legislative Advocacy


2017 Legislative Session Accomplishments

  1. Defeated CON Attacks Third Year In A Row
  2. Passed FHPCA Bill: Quality Measures, Drug Disposal and Medical Records.
    Read more on the 2017 FHPCA Bill HERE and HERE.


2018 Legislative Priorities

  1. Preserve Hospice CON
  2. Educate Legislators on, What Is Hospice?
  3. Pass the FHPCA Palliative Care Legislation
  4. Resolve Concerns with Statewide Medicaid Managed Care & Hospice Aging Accounts


Constitutional Revision Commission: Amendment Proposal of ConcernĀ 

Oppose Proposal 54 – FHPCA opposes Proposal 54 that would constitutionally ban certificate of need for health care facilities in Florida and declare existing laws invalid.


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