Exclusive Film Screening at Forum 2017



Seven Songs for a Long Life  Director comes to Forum 2017

Dr. Amy Hardie is a internationally award winning documentary film director whose latest film Seven Songs for a Long Life,  follows five patients in a large Scottish hospice. For those attending this year’s Forum, she will be giving a behind the scenes look into the making of the documentary along with a special screening.

“When people are told they’re dyin’ to us they’re still livin.”

As Head of Research in the Scottish Documentary Institute, she specializes in close collaborative work with research scientists and health professionals. Dr. Hardie directed and produced six films with the Centre for regenerative medicine, including Stem Cell Revolutions, funded by the Wellcome Trust.  Features and reviews on Amy Hardie as director appear in over 100 journals, papers, blogs, websites in over 20 countries. She has 14 international awards. Her films have been screened in over 60 international film festivals and translated into 14 languages.

You can register for  Forum here and learn more about the movie on its official  website.