Nominations for the Awards of Excellence Are Now Open


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It’s that time again! Time to select those outstanding hospice professionals you would like to see nominated for the “Awards of Excellence“. For those who might not know, these awards are a unique opportunity  for outstanding individuals to get statewide recognition for consistent dedication to teamwork, innovation and more in hospice.  It’s a celebration of  excellence for the delivery of hospice and palliative care. You are free to make more than one nomination for those you feel compelled to, in fact we encourage it. The awards are open to employees or volunteers who are members of FHPCA and in the Florida hospice community.

How Selection Works

Nominations are judged by a selection committee composed of leaders within the hospice industry. The selection committee is looking for examples and specific details that demonstrate how nominees have exceeded expectations and, by their actions, made those around them better. Nominees must be an FHPCA member in good standing at the time of nomination and at the time of the award presentation.

Award Descriptions

Individual Awards

Catalyst AwardThis award recognizes an individual in any role within an organization who has consistently demonstrated leadership in forging the collaboration that makes hospice unique. This individual seeks excellence not only in his/her field, but also in cooperation with other disciplines. He/she fosters collaboration and brings teams together to the betterment of his/her organization. This award celebrates the spirit of collaboration within a hospice organization. As hospice is the sum of many parts working together to care for patients and families, this award honors individuals who lead across disciplines and foster teamwork within their sphere of influence.For more information on nomination rules and requirements, click HERE.

Program Awards

Catalyst Award-2Is the Award of Excellence to the group that makes collaboration happen. This award recognizes a group of people in any role or configuration that has consistently demonstrated the ideals of collaboration and teamwork in working toward a goal or mission. This group not only seeks excellence within itself, but also inspires excellence and collaboration throughout the hospice environment.  As hospice is the sum of many parts working together to care for patients and families, this award champions the spirit of teamwork and honors teams who make hospice work better and more effectively. For more information on nomination rules and requirements, click HERE.
Catalyst Award-3 The Breakthrough Award recognizes an individual or team who, through their efforts to research and implement new ideas, has improved hospice care. Whether piloting a new program, streamlining a process or discovering a better way to provide a service, the recipient of this award advances the mission of hospice and provides a path for others to follow. For more information on nomination rules and requirements, click HERE.

Is There a Prize?

Each of the 2016 award winners will receive a cash prize in addition to a recognition plaque. The winning individuals and programs will be celebrated by their peers from around the state at the annual Awards of Excellence luncheon held on June 2nd in conjunction with FHPCA’s non-clinical conference, Hospice Works. Winners will also be featured state-wide in FHPCA’s newsletter, website, and social media outlets, as well as a press release sent to media professionals across the state.

Nominating is Simple

This is a quick an easy process. Press the nomination below to get started! We encourage you not to stop at one nomination, especially if you feel that multiple people have achieved excellence in the above categories. There are a few nomination submission requirements so be sure to read carefully through those and follow the instructions.


When Is the Ceremony?
The ceremony to be held Thursday, June 2nd at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld in conjunction with FHPCA’s Hospice Works Forum.

What Is the Deadline to Submit Nominations?
Deadline to submit entries is MONDAY, MARCH 21st.

For more information, visit our Forum Annual Conference Website.