Brother At Rest Visits Seniors and Hospice Patients in Pasco County    

Brother At Rest, the painting created at the 2015 FHPCA Forum Conference, spent the past two weeks at Gulfside Hospice where it spent time among seniors, patients and families.

Gulfside Hospice took the painting to a few local senior residence facilities where they displayed the painting and gave a group of residents their own canvas so that they could be inspired to paint what represented hospice or being at peace and rest to them.

painting2It was a great turn out each time and all the residents seemed to love it – it was a unique activity and a soft way for our representatives to bring up the topic of hospice.

When the painting was not touring the county’s facilities, it was on display at the Gulfside Centers for Hospice Care so that staff, patients and families could view it.

  You can purchase a 8×10, limited edition print of Brother At Rest online HERE. All proceeds go to the artist and towards FHPCA’s mission to assure access and excellence to those in the final phases of life.

Brother At Rest has now moved to Big Bend Hospice in Tallahassee! Stay tuned and see how it spends it time in the Big Bend area.