Treasure Coast Volunteer Wins Prestigious Hospice Award

Brian Logue was first introduced to hospice care when the wife of his friend fell ill. Impressed and inspired by the care she received in her last months under Treasure Coast Hospice, he began his selfless quest to become a patient volunteer. Now serving in that capacity, Brian describes the great privilege he feels, “To be with somebody at the end of their life and be able to help them in some way when you know they probably wouldn’t ask or couldn’t ask… I can’t even explain the feeling.”

This award winning video portrays both the challenges and rewards of hospice volunteering. It presents surprising revelations for those who might want to help but fear what it might require, and reveals potential volunteer opportunities many might not expect. Brian describes his volunteering as, “The best thing I’ve ever done with my spare time”.

Brian’s story and dedication to hospice volunteering makes him a deserving winner of the Hospice Story Award.

2015 Awards of Excellence winner, Brian Logue from Treasure Coast Hospice. A touching and educational film titled, “Volunteer Story”.

About this Award:

The Hospice Story Award aims recognize a person or organization that best captures his or her most meaningful hospice experience with an original or creative work. See all of the 2015 Awards of Excellence winners by CLICKING HERE