We Have a New Job Board!

In a continued effort bring valuable benefits to our members, FHPCA is excited to announce that we have installed to a new Job Board (www.floridahospices.org/jobs) on our website. This new FHPCA Job Board provides members more control over their listings, and interested applicants more options when searching for jobs.

You can now…Medical team

  • Post a job directly to the job board
  • Have access to your listings 24/7
  • Search jobs by area and type
  • Brand your listings with your program’s logo
  • Set recurring positions to “not expire”

Even with this increased functionality, the job board remains a free member benefit. Here are instructions and tips when posting to the job board:

How to post jobs:

  1. Create a username and password at www.floridahospices.org/jobs/employer/register
  2. Fill out the requested information
  3. Go to “Post a Job” on the left menu bar
  4. Enter in the listing details.

Things to remember:

  • The default duration for job listings is 30 days. If you would like to extend the days, or if have a recurring pBusiness People - Diversity 200 pxosition you would like for us to set to not expire, email us at info@nullfloridahospices.org with the listing information.
  • We will not accept or forward applications sent to the state office. Please ensure you are directing applicants to your website or email (if you do not have a URL for applicants to apply, simple put instructs inside the description portion of the form).
  • Logos should be 64 pixels (vertical logos work best.), and use .jpeg or .png formats.
  • Jobs highlighted as a “Featured Job” are chosen at the discretion of the FHPCA office staff.


Email info@nullfloridahospices.org or call our office at 877-783-1922.