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  1. louis rams says:

    Hospice – End Of Life
    Hospice is the rest stop between heaven and earth
    They care for you for all your worth
    They are with you in your final days
    Taking care of you in so many ways.
    Relieving many burdens, and helping family and friends
    Consoling them till the end.
    The care givers are with them thru their pains
    And they don’t do it for fortune or fame.
    Finding care at the end of life
    For a husband, sister, brother, or wife
    Or a family member who may be alone or in pain
    When needing help there is no shame.
    They are health professionals and volunteers
    Who help the dying from their fears!
    It takes a special kind of person to help others
    In their hours of need, and on their help the dying do feed.
    A little smile, a kind word, a gentle hand
    Are things that they understand!
    Let them leave this world with a mind full of memories
    And a heart full of love, given from you as they travel above.
    louis rams :

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