Hospice-Veteran Partnership Pins

Hospice-Veteran Partnership pin

The Hospice-Veteran Partnership of Florida was formed  by a statewide group with the goal of providing leadership, technical assistance, and program development recommendations to strengthen the relationships between Florida’s hospice programs and VA facilities; and to improve veterans’ access to hospice and palliative care across all sites and levels of care.

Out of that group, the concept of designing special pins for veterans in the hope that all communities in Florida schedule at least one special event for their veterans during the year, and plan to use the pins as a part of that event as a visible way to show appreciation to our honored veterans.  Monies received from the sale of the veteran pins enable FHPCA to provide resources such the Veteran & Hospice page on our site, training on veterans issues and FHPCA’s ongoing partnership with the Department of Veteran Affairs. 

Hospice programs around the state currently use the HVP pins, if you are a veteran or know a veteran who would appreciate a pin, contact your local hospice provider and see if they have any pins to provide to you.  Place an order by using our Vet Pin Order Form (printable and fillable pdf below) or by contacting our office at (850) 878-2632 or info@nullfloridahospices.org.

All proceeds raised from the pins goes towards the continuance of support to hospice programs in Florida. Please be aware that the pins are intended for veterans only, and not to be given to or worn by non-veterans. Veterans can be from any wartime or peacetime period, and can be hospice and veterans facility staff, volunteers, or other members of the general community.