Palliative Care Part 2: Develop & Implement an Effective Palliative Care Program

Date/Time: 06/27/2023, 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Provider: FHPCA

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Adding a new service can be overwhelming, but don’t let that stop you.

Let this session be your guide to developing and implementing an effective palliative care program. Turn the vision into a reality with this comprehensive webinar that will review all the requirements, responsibilities, best practices, care domains, and more to ensure your program thrives.
  • Discuss the purpose of following the National Consensus Project’s Clinical Practice Guidelines for Quality Palliative Care publication when designing a community-based palliative care (CBPC) program
  • Consider the eight domains of palliative care when forming a CBPC program
  • Explain the roles and responsibilities of clinical teams in a CBPC program
  • Understand the function of care planning, the interdisciplinary team (IDT), and visit schedules
  • Use palliative care as an outreach and bridge program


Part 2 of the Palliative Care Program Package will walk through the design and implementation of a community-based palliative care program. It will discuss the requirements, the eight domains of palliative care to consider, necessary staff, processes, and procedures. Operational and clinical best practices, including key roles, responsibilities, and team members to include in a successful CBPC program, will be addressed. Learn how to measure and communicate across the continuum of care with community partners to create a flourishing provider partnership.


This informative session is designed for organizations considering implementation of a community-based palliative care program. Owners, CEOs, governing bodies, board members, CFOs, DOPCSs, clinical supervisors, business development teams, billing staff, intake personnel, medical directors, palliative care certified staff, NPs, PAs, nursing staff, and social service support teams are encouraged to attend.


  • Valuable resource links, including:
    • Clinical Practice Guidelines for Quality Palliative Care 4th Edition
    • A Practical Guide to Implementing a Home-Based Palliative Care Program
  • Training log
  • PDF of slides and speaker’s contact info for follow-up questions
  • Attendance certificate provided, however there are no pre-approved CEs associated with this webinar
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Kathy Ahearn


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