On The Road – A Work Of Art, With A Lot of Heart

Attendees at our 2015 clinical conference, “Painting the Picture: Messaging Metrics & Mission,” had a unique opportunity to witness artists such as poets, dancers, and painters perform their crafts during the “The Art of Grief” Live Art Showcase. One of those artists was a painter name Jacob J. Neagle, who with his canvas, oil paints, and easel painted a stunning piece of art in front of the live audience.


After the showcase ended, Neagle’s painting was revealed at the Cocktail Social Hour, held directly after the event.


The finished painting, titled Brother At Rest, was of a large tree, in a beautiful field full of grass and a young man in the middle. Neagle recounted that his inspiration behind the painting was his brother Joshua, who last October at the age of 29, passed from brain cancer. In his final weeks, Neagle was able to live beside his brother and experience firsthand the compassion and care of hospice.


Not wanting to keep this inspiring piece of art to ourselves, we began an Art Roadshow and sent Brother At Rest on a road trip to hospice providers around the state. Hospices hosting the art will display the painting in various places such as their administrative office, inpatient or residential unit. Art is powerful and motivates us to look deep inside ourselves. We hope that Brother At Rest helps hospice providers connect to the tremendous work they do everyday.

You can purchase 8×10, limited edition prints of Brother At Rest online HERE. All proceeds go to the artist and towards FHPCA’s mission to assure access and excellence to those in the final phases of life.

Where is it Now?

Treasure Coast Hospice kicked off the Art Roadshow by housing the painting in their facility. Now, Brother At Rest has made its way to Hospice of St. Francis where it will stay for two weeks.


Treasure Coast Hospice staff holding Brother At Rest

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